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Our Rooms and age groups 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Sleep Room ​

Our Baby room - Known as Jellie tots - Has a warm cosy cot room allowing our little ones to get that much needed rest after a tough day learning. 

Each child will have the same cot and the option of  a variety of blankets to help them snooze. 

all cots are disinfected after each use. 

​0-2 Room 'Jellie tots'

Our Baby room can take children from 6 weeks old up to 2 years. 

We have a 1 adult to 3 baby ratio meaning children get lots of attention through out their session. 

Deborah, our room supervisor organises activities based on our monthly themes which challenge and develop all age groups and turns our babies into toddlers. 

2-3  'Smarties'


Once children turn 2 they move into our Smarties, here the staff led my Joan allow children to develop their own personality and more importantly find their own voice, a lot of children will also start toilet training in this room, so we have 2 size appropriate toilets open here at all times. This age group will also spend a lot of time outside burning off some energy and exploring messy play. 

3-4 Pre-School Room 'Magic Stars'

Our Magic Stars room follow the Pre School Curriculum to offer children the opportunity to be fully prepared for Pre School or even Primary 1. 

Stacey our room Supervisor ensures children follow a routine, learn through play but also have lots of fun during their day. 

We try and have visitors to attend this age group as this helps children develop their social skills and again get used to a varity of people for going to "big" school.

2yrs 9months - 4 years Caterpillar Club
Our brand new Playgroup launches in January 2022, it will be open Monday to Friday 9-12 term time. 
children will follow the pre school curriculum to get them ready for pre school or even Primary 1. room set up and activities will match those of our Magic stars room (above) including craft, physical, stories, role play and even baking. 

Parent feedback about our building

"Its a very welcoming and warm building. The outdoor area is great too and my son enjoys playing with the outdoor equipment"

"love it! love that they have more space/outdoor space. location is handy too"

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