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Food and drink Policy

Food and drink Policy

Food and drink Policy
Food and drink Policy

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Food and Drink Policy

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1991) states:

Children have the right to be as healthy as possible, live and play in a safe healthy, unpolluted environment and benefit from preventive healthcare and education.”

Policy Statement of Intent

Ladybird childcare services are committed to promoting children’s health and to encourage healthy eating habits.

The childcare department will therefore endeavour to provide snacks and food which are healthy and nutritious and help to provide children with the energy and the nutrients they need, to sustain them throughout their time in our care.



Healthy snacks are provided for the children each session

· Break time will be used as an opportunity to encourage good social habit children will be seated at the snack table, young children will be seated in a high chair

· Whenever possible staff will encourage this by sitting together with the Children

· Cultural dietary needs are respected. Parents/carers are requested to put any cultural dietary needs onto their child’s registration form and to make childcare staff aware of these needs

· Sweets and fizzy drinks are not offered. There are some exceptions i.e. celebrations days’/ birthday parties etc.

· Squashes are well diluted


Lunches are provided by an onsite cook, the majority of staff will have level 2 in food hygiene or equivalent

· These are healthy freshly prepared meals

· Puddings will consist of fresh fruit 2-3 times a week and a desert the other days

· Children will be encouraged to try all meals including any vegetables

· Meals will be served with milk or water


· The childcare facility does not promote the use of sweets and fizzy drinks given as rewards, but praise and attention are used to help develop children’s self-esteem to act as a positive for good behaviour.

Special Occasions

· At celebrations and special occasions childcare staff will encourage children to focus on the sense of shared occasion rather than the provision of sugary foods. Therefore a few treats may be offered with the consent of the child’s parent/carer and some may be given to take home and eaten under parental/carer supervision


· Healthy eating is promoted through a range of activities for the children including role play, stories, music, outings and cookery.

· The childcare staff promote children’s involvement (age appropriate) when preparing their daily snack

· The childcare staff promote healthy eating campaigns and initiatives through the children’s group time activities

· Visitors will attend promoting healthy eating and the options available

The implementation of this healthy eating policy only relates to the provision of healthy foods provided by the childcare department. This is in order to promote nutrition and general well-being of our children and enable them to make healthy food choices for themselves in the future.


We understand that some of our children are with us for the majority of the day and therefor will have most of their meals with us, please be assured we seek advice on our menus to ensure children get all the nutrients they need to aid development.

Children are offered cereal and milk between 7.30 and 8.30 am

Snack is provided between 10 and 10.30 am which is normally a bread item for energy, fruit or veg and milk or water.

Lunch is balanced meal of meat, veg and carbs served between 12 and 12.30. All options will be on each child’s plate allowing children to make a choice of what they eat or not, children will be gently encouraged to try meals and can get seconds of anything they wish. If a child doesn’t eat their lunch they will be offered a substitute of toast or a sandwich and fruit once all children have finished lunches, this gives the child time to consider trying the original lunch.

Unless there is a dietary requirement/allergy all children will always be served the same lunch.

Afternoon snack will be served at 3pm-3.30 and will include a bread item, ham, cheese, yogurt and fruit or veg, allowing for a variety of foods to be tried by children.

Water is available throughout the day and young babies’ routines are accommodated.

Sugary/sweet foods and drink are not to be sent in as removal can cause upset and may irritate another child’s allergies.

Nuts are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances

Meal times are important as each room has routine that helps the children reach their full potential and removing children to offer them a meal means they miss out on valuable learning and interaction with their peers, we kindly ask if your child is missing a meal time you accommodate this before arrival.

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