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Health and safety policy (1)

Health and Safety

Health and safety policy (1)
Health and safety policy (1)

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Health and Safety Policy & Procedure

The UN convention on the Rights of a Child states that: “Children have the right to be as healthy as possible, live and play in a safe and healthy unpolluted environment and benefit from preventive health care and education”.

Learning about health is an important area of learning. If good health habits can be developed early they are likely to be continued throughout life.

Policy Statement of Intent

The policy within Ladybird childcare services facility is to provide the children with a healthy, safe, stimulating environment in which to work and play. The Childcare department promotes healthy eating habits following advice from Nutrition matters, socialisation skills and healthy snacks. All staff are trained in food hygiene. Children with special dietary needs are catered for.


We will endeavour to maintain high levels of health and safety by ensuring that:


· On outings childcare staff will maintain correct ratio

· Childcare supervisor will carry a mobile phone for use in emergencies whilst on outings with children

· Parents will be invited to join their children on outings that all children registered are invited to attend. For example, Zoo/Farm etc.

· Childcare staff will carry out a risk assessment before allowing children to use equipment in parks or playgrounds

· Childcare staff will ensure only equipment which is age appropriate for the children are used on trips to parks or playgrounds

· In the event of a missing child -

staff will first make sure that all other children are safe with responsible adults

Staff will attempt to cover all exits

Staff will inform the Childcare manager and Childcare deputy manager

Systematic searches will take place beginning with the place the child was last seen, with whom and that all exits are covered

Childcare manager will inform the child’s parents

Childcare manager will inform the police


· The layout of the rooms will be safe for the children to move freely from area to area

· Daily, weekly and monthly Health and safety checks will be completed to ensure rooms are suitable for children

· The activities on offer will meet the needs of the group providing children with appropriate challenges and opportunities for success

· The rooms will be bright and stimulating with appropriate heat and ventilation

· Equipment and materials will be accessible and within children’s reach when appropriate

· Children will be actively encouraged to respect their environment and equipment provided and will be encouraged to help with the tidying at the end of each session to further promote this skill

· Dressing up clothes, cot sheets and blankets will be washed regularly

· Safety mats will be provided for children when using large climbing equipment

· Safety mats will be checked regularly by staff to ensure they are in good condition

·  Manual Handling Training will be offered and staff will be aware of the correct procedure for lifting children and heavy equipment

· 50% of adults in each room are fully qualified in childcare

· Staff and children will wear suitable clothing (uniform top and black leggings or trousers) and footwear (flat closed toe) when attending the childcare facility

· The art/sand/water areas will be kept clean with spillage being wiped up immediately in order to prevent accidents

· Inappropriate jewellery will not be permitted; staff will ask parents to remove it. If parents have left childcare setting staff will remove item. Consent already has been obtained on childcare registration forms.

· All play equipment will be washed in warm soapy water at the end of each week

· Deep cleaning of childcare unit will take place regularly (normally termly and in the instance of any contagious bugs)

Child Protection

· Parents/carers must inform childcare staff if someone different is picking up their child using the password on the registration form.

· If an unknown adult arrives to collect a child staff will contact supervisor or childcare manager who will telephone parent/carer before the child is handed over

· All parent/carers must sign permission sheet for a designated person/persons before children can be released to anyone else other than parent/carer and photographic ID and a password discussed with the parent given

· Written consent forms must be signed before children go on outings/trips

· Due to insurance children must not enter the premises before their agreed time and must be collected at end of their session promptly

· The designated child protection officers for the centre are the childcare Manager and Deputy Manager


· Checklists will be used to ensure kitchen is clean, safe and suitable for use

· The cook will ensure all food items are in date and stock rotation is carried out

· Regular checks for pests will be carried out – monthly

· Electrical appliances will be tested by qualified electricians

· Cleaning including fridges will happen daily with a deep clean monthly or in the event of a spill or contagious illness in the nursery

· Freezers will be emptied and cleaned termly

· Allergies will be clearly listed and the cook will have responsibility for avoiding cross contamination – following confidentiality guidelines

Health and Safety Procedure

Emergencies and fire procedure

· Fire drills will be carried out monthly, planned and spontaneous

· All staff are aware of assembly points in the event of fire or emergency evacuation

· Fire exits will be checked daily and left unobstructed

· In the event of an emergency one staff member from each room will collect daily register/iPad from which all children can be accounted for

· First aid training will be offered to all staff

· First aid box will be regularly checked (monthly)

· Staff must wear disposable gloves and apron when dealing with an accident or changing a child

· All staff must be aware of the correct procedure when dealing with minor cuts or bruising

· Accident/Incident forms/folders will be maintained with an accurate description of what took place. forms must be signed by a person who witnessed and dealt with the accident along with parent/carer. Accident/Incident forms will be retained for 3 years after the child leaves the centre unless a serious accident occurred in which case the forms will be retained until 3 years after child’s 21stbirthday.

Food preparation and Kitchen area

· Children will not have access to the kitchen area

· Kitchen area will be kept clean and surfaces cleaned daily with warm soapy water and antibacterial wipes/spray

· Tea towel and cloths will be changed regularly, washed and stored appropriately

· Children’s food for snacks will be stored appropriately and at the correct temperature, either in a clean dry cupboard or a refrigerator

· Tables used for snack time are thoroughly cleaned before and after use

· Children’s cup, plates and spoons are kept in the kitchen and are washed after each use

· Dangerous and/or hazardous substances are stored safely away from children’s reach and preferably in a locked cupboard

Illness and Infection

· If a child is taken ill during our care the parent/carer will be contacted immediately to come and collect them

· Staff will make sure parents/carers are aware of infection control policy and staff will ensure the display of exclusion periods for illness is on the notice board in the entrance hall

· Children who have diarrhoea in the centre will be sent home after 3 occurrences regardless of child’s mood, however if a child is feeling/looking poorly after one occurrence they will be sent home.

· A child being sent home for illness or infection is at manager’s discretion and every case is looked at individually.

· Parents/Carers must not bring their child in when they are ill. Vomiting and diarrhoea episodes must be reported to the childcare staff and child must be kept from day care for at least 48 hours from child is well to prevent potential infection spreading

· If an outbreak of head lice occurs, parents will be informed of our head lice policy. This states staff will give parents clear and informative advice on the detection and removal of lice and their eggs, reassurance and support and that all persons within the household are treated on the discovery of actual lice

· Children will wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet

· Disposable towels will be provided for adults and children’s use


· Equipment will be checked on a regular basis for damage. If an item is considered unsafe it will be removed for repair or replacement

· Good teamwork is essential to ensure that all staff are familiar with health and safety issues and are able to perform the necessary checks and procedures

· The adult/child ratio will be adhered to, to ensure the correct standard of supervision whilst children are using equipment. (In line with social services regulation)

· Equipment and materials will be washed, cleaned or sterilised and all staff will adhere to a daily room cleaning routine

COVID – 19 Amendment

Staff must follow all guidelines from the Trust and Public Health agency, staff must take the time to regularly check updates and implement these as and when. Senior staff will keep Parents aware of any safety procedures.

All other policies must still be respected.

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