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Kindness Code


As part of the learning experience in Ladybirds, all children adhere to our 'Kindness Code'.  This ensures they learn to share, be considerate and kind to each other.  

The core values of our Kindness Code are:


ss Daisy’s Nursery Kindness Code 

  • We are kind to our friends

  • We help look after our friends and staff

  • We play gently with our friends and invite new friends to play

  • We share the toys and books at Ladybirds

  • We wait our turn at Ladybirds

  • We all keep our rooms nice and tidy

  • When we need help, we ask the staff

  • We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

  • We look after each other when we play outside

  • We all join in at tidy up time

  • We listen to our friends at circle time.

Age appropriate Behaviour Managment

In Line with our 'Kindness code' Each room sets there own " Rules, Rewards and Consequences" following our behaviour management policy. 

This ensures all children know what is acceptable but in a way they understand. However we always try to do this in a positive manner e.g. we use our indoors voices instead of no shouting or walking feet instead of no running. 

this helps with younger children who understand action words but not quite the rest of the sentence.

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