About us

Ladybirds is a small, home from home day-care facility based in Bangor West. Ladybirds has been providing Early Years quality care for children in Bangor for over 25 years.  We operate on a social economy not for profit model, with any surplus profit re-invested back into the business.  Our highly trained dedicated staff team ensure every child reaches their full potential whilst in our care. 


The Ladybirds team offer a wide range of programmes including the fantastic Incredible Years parenting programme and Media Initiative Early Years diversity programme.  Learn baby massage and bonding techniques with our specially trained team. 

Meet our staff

We have a great loving Team at Ladybirds with some staff being with us over 15 years. 

staff regularly train to ensure all children receive the best possible care

Contact us

we now have spaces available for start in January 2022. 

Some sessions available in all rooms. 0-4. 

Discounts available for siblings. 

Childcare available for those in education. 


Ladybirds Have been in close contact with the Early Years organisation and our link Social worker to ensure all relevant Guidance has been followed through out the COVID - 19 pandemic.  Parents Drop off and collect children outside the building (adhering to social distancing regulations, staff and children's temperatures are taken upon arrival to ensure children are well.  Cleaning throughout our building is carried out regularly in every room throughout the day  and deep cleaning is done both by staff and professionally a couple of times per week.   We implement tracking and tracing to ensure should anyone fall ill we know exactly who is involved and must bee informed. 

Staff and children also are encouraged to wash their hands regularly with our Magic stars room having a visit from our Health visitor to ensure we do so the RUFUS   way to ensure children learn the importance of doing this often.

Parent feedback on our handling of the COVID 19 - pandemic

"we feel that it has been dealt with very well with temperature checks, masks, social distancing etc" 

"very good and sensible approach to the whole situation. great that you kept providing services during the lockdown"

" it has been handled very well. the children have always been put first. the guidelines have been explained well.