Childcare Team 

Staff at Ladybirds are dedicated to provide quality childcare for every child in our care. The team include staff trained from Level 2 to Level 5 in Early Years childhood development.  Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is encouraged at Ladybirds to ensure the team continue to provide the best experience for all children.   
Deborah McDade
Room Supervisor 
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Stacey Howarth
Room Supervisor
Amanda Whittaker 
Childcare Assistant 

Deborah has worked with us for over 14 years, she has experience with all our age groups, however her expertise lie in our Jellie Tots where she plans lovely activities to turn our babies into  wonderful toddlers, confident and independent ready to go on to the next stage of their development. 

Deborah Caldwell

Childcare Assistant


Deborah has been with us for a few months, and not only have the children took to her quickly due to her loving, caring nature, but she brings with her some wonderful expertise of working with children who have individual needs. 

Stacey Joined us a couple of years ago and quickly rose to Room Supervisor in our Pre pre room, magic stars. 

She bring a lot of creativeness to the room, with crafts, music and lots of role play. 

Stacey helps all children develop their independence to get them ready for school. 

Amanda has recently joined us and is turning into our resident artist. 

Having spent time as a classroom assistant Amanda decided younger children is her passion. 

Amanda also sings and plays guitar and has even taught youngsters to help them become the next big things. 

Laura Armstrong

Childcare Assistant 

Ashley Clarke 
Childcare Assistant  

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Laura qualified as a classroom assistant and this shows so well in her role as a nursery nurse in our Pre school room. 

she encourages children to problem solve, develop beautiful social skills and a strong resilience to set them up for their life's. 

Ashley was a staff member with Ladybirds, but left to move to England with her family. On her return a place became available and were very lucky she is back with us. Ashley is a mummy to three so has amazing patience and can really emphasise and encourage the children. 

Sabrina Lilley

Childcare Assistant/Cook

Toni Wright 

Childcare Assistant 

Heading 1


Sabrina has been involved with our parent company Kilcooley women's centre for many years, before offering to volunteer in our childcare department. 

when a staff position became available Sabrina jumped at the chance and has now been with us for a few years. 

Sabrina now splits her time between childcare and being our in house cook, ensuring all snacks and meals are fully nutritional. 

Toni works on our baby floor, where she is well loved and enjoys doing lots of craft. 

She has lots of experience working with children of all ages due to being a mum of 4. 

Her Time in customer service means she has a great rapport with our parents. 

Sophie Ross
Childcare Assistant

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Sophie has experience working with children who deal with individual needs and older children. 

Sophie encourages the children to have fun and be less self conscious while promoting self expression. 

Taylor Adair
Childcare Assistant

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Taylor spent her time with us prior to her leave in our baby floor, she encouraged children to take part in lots of craft and messy play, sometimes helping children step outside of their comfort zones. She is now based in Smarties where she promotes independence.  

Kim Kirk
Childcare Assistant
Relief Staff

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Ann Smyth
Childcare Assistant
Relief staff 

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Both Kim and Ann, have had lots of experience in childcare and want to spend some time with children again. 

They are brining us their wealth of Knowledge and have fitted in with Ladybirds very quickly. 

Parent feedback on our staff team 

" i am so thankful to you all for looking after (my child) everyday, you all work so hard, are so friendly and so compassionate about what you do, it makes  is so much easier for me to be able to go to work knowing he's in the best hands"

"Great service. i have felt comfortable from the beginning leaving (my son) in your care - not something i do easily  - . everyone does a truly wonderful job and you can sense that the staff genuinely love their job"