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My Nursery Pal App


My Nursery Pal

My Nursery Pal is a Secure website where we upload details of your child's day including 

* Toileting

* Meals 

* Sleeps

* Activities 

we try to upload some individual photos of your child's time with us here also. 

My Nursery pal details are given out when your child starts and has a secure password that no one else except Senior staff has access to meaning only people you share the information with can get access to the site. 

We would share information on here as well regarding upcoming events or news. 

"We think it is brilliant as we get a better idea of my sons day and Photos let us see he is having fun and enjoying activities and his time at Ladybirds"

ES dad to 1 year old 


As well as My Nursery Pal we also regularly use Facebook. 

We post pictures, notices and activity ideas on a daily basis. 

we love letting our families know how much fun we have been having throughout the day. 

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