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Incredible Years

Incredible Years is a parenting programme that reduces challenging behaviour in children and increases their social and emotional competence.  


This programme is a 14-week 2 x hours per week programme that gives parents the techniques and strategies to improve behaviours such as temper tantrums, aggression, hitting out or biting in a positive and constructive way.  


Incredible Years improves the bonding between parent and child and is an educational tried and tested programme that can be life changing for relationships between parents and children.

Media Initiative

We will be doing a couple of Media initiative workshops throughout the year at different times of the day to suit all parents. 

We run these parent programmes to allow you to be more Intune with your child's learning and to understand how we cover such sensitive topics. 

Incredible Years Class Photo Gallery 
Baby / Infant Massage

Infant Massage is a combination of Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology for babies from birth to 1 years old.  


It originated from India where these techniques have been practiced for decades.  Infant massage may help improve a baby’s sleep, digestive system, colic, upset tummy and will definitely improve the bonding experience between mother/father and baby.  


Massage should only happen when the baby is awake and not crying although it can be practiced on crying babies who suffer from colic as a means of easing pain.  We hold 6 week classes which last for one hour at a time.  


Keep an eye on Website for the next available classes starting. 

Baby Massage Photo Gallery 

Media Initiative - Diversity Awareness

The Media Initiative for Children-  Respecting Difference Programme is an intervention programme aimed at improving long term outcomes so that children, practitioners/teachers, parents and communities become more aware of diversity and difference issues and positively change attitudes and behaviours to those who are different.


It was developed by Early Years and Pii the Peace Initiatives Institute in the USA and combines cartoon media messages around diversity with an early years programme. Together they aim to promote positive attitudes to physical, social and cultural differences amongst young children, practitioners and parents. The messages also address bullying behaviours.


The messages in the cartoons are reinforced in the early years setting through the use of resources and puppets and interactive activities that prompt children to talk about their feelings and attitudes to the issues explored in the cartoons.

Media Initiative Photo Gallery
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