Management Team 

Our management team consists of Tracy Harrison (Head of Childcare Services), Laura Redfern (Deputy Manager) and Joan Young (Deputy Manager) all with over 15 years experience working in childcare and management and each with their Level 5 Childcare Management.  We are a professional dedicated team who strive to ensure our staff are fully trained and supported and our children have a very positive experience in our setting.  As well as childcare both Tracy and Laura are trained to deliver Incredible Years Parenting Programmes and Joan and Laura are trained to deliver Media Initiative Workshops to parents. 
Tracy Harrison
Head of Children & Young People 

Tracy has over 15 years experience in Early Years Management.  Qualified to Level 5, she has developed three successful Daycare businesses including two Social Economy charity models and has extensive experience in staff development. 


Tracy's vision for Ladybirds was to create a small, cosy nursery  that would feel like a traditional countryside nursery school but would be in the heart of Bangor, offering the very best care for young children. Tracy wanted to establish a childcare team, passionate about early years education and to give each child the very best start as they take those early steps out into the world.

Tracy is a Keeping Children Safe Trainer and ensure that all staff have this training and are refreshed every 3 years.

As Head of Children's Services, Tracy works with the Management team on the continued success of the nursery school family.


Laura Redfern 
Deputy Manager 

Laura has been working in childcare for over 20 years with Supervisory experience and as a Deputy Manager now for nearly 3 years.  She loves the challenge that comes with the ever changing childcare environment and takes every opportunity to avail of training when possible.

Laura has been instrumental in working alongside the Head of Childcare Services to ensure we meet Minimum Standards and provide a high quality services for parents and children.

Laura oversees and is the day to day person parents will meet when viewing our premises and when the drop off and collect their children.  Laura is the point of contact for anyone wanting information about Ladybirds Childcare Springhill

Joan Young 
Assistant Deputy Manager 

Joan has work for Kilcooley Women's Centre for over 15 years and recently completed her Level 5 and become our second Deputy Manager within Ladybirds Childcare Springhill.

Joans overall passion is our children, she is our very own "Mary Poppins" always coming up with weird and wonderful ideas to entertain and teach the children.  Her dedication is evident in everything she does and stands to reason when we have our Christmas Party that Joan and her amazing husband become Mr & Mrs Clause.  

Joan has participated in CEN training and has her Level 3 Speech & Language training which is of huge benefit to our setting to support those children with these difficulties.  She is a fantastic motivator for other staff and someone we couldn't do without.